Patty Greer Workshop DVD

Patty Greer explains what she saw in the sky in that 2007 Crop Circle when she woke up from an OBE (out-of-body) experience. What’s amazing is that almost everyone can see plasma, when properly shown how, and they choose to focus their eyes and full attention. At the end of this presentation Patty will take everyone outside and teach you how to SEE plasma in the sky. With an open mind, a slow stare and a few focused moments, most of you will be successful and completely amazed! Once you see plasma and realize your eyes are clearly focused on another dimension… you will have the ability to see plasma energies in the skies forever and teach others. I guarantee you, this will blow your mind!!

We’ll begin with a subliminal massage for the senses through a series of outrageously beautiful Crop Circle images presented in astral colors. As you look closely you may begin to see spaceship lighting patterns and energy field schematics within the geometries. We will spin a group of geometric Crop Circles in different directions to further expose your eyes to advanced propulsion technologies! Some Crop Circles point directly to sacred sites, while most Crop Circles sit directly over ley lines which are direct lines between two sacred sites. More than 90% of the documented Crop Circles in the world were located over aquifers of water, let’s talk about why. Many Crop Circles have been placed in fields with telecommunication towers for obvious reasons, yet the media has ignored their importance, why? These correlations suggest that the messages offer important information having the ability to shift human consciousness. This will happen when people take notice and take Crop Circle messages a lot more seriously!

Crop Circles appear to be a physical manifestation of collective Earth~ET~Human communication emanating from within the Earth. More important are the implications discovered by scientists that the seeds within Crop Circles, after being hit with these high frequencies, were found to produce up to 400% more food and biofuels per seed as well as offering up to 75% more nutritional value per plant! Wrap your head around that technology, knowing how important healthy food is! This evolutionary discovery will be another highlight of our workshop.

Achieving multi-dimensional vision in 5 minutes or less is an incredible experience and surprisingly easy. 

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