Byron Belitsos 2013 Workshop DVD "The Urantia Revelation: Pre-History, Post-History and the Reclamation of Planet Earth"

Byron Belitsos 2013 Workshop DVD

We are witnessing the end of history as we know it: the termination of the Luciferian age on earth.The Illuminati bloodlines and other minions of Lucifer and Satan, also know as “the dark cabal,” still have their hands on the levers of power worldwide—especially financial power; but new revelation assures us that the cabal no longer has occult access to the “fallen angels” associated with the Lucifer Rebellion. These celestial beings and their rogue extraterrestrial supporters have been adjudicated and are now largely removed from their positions. Yet, this epochal transition is only the first step in the reclamation of planet earth. The global political system remains tied to the Luciferian legacy, and the gross energies associated with the planetary angelic rebellion continue to reside in the “noosphere.” As a result, the momentum toward global tyranny remains powerful. This workshop offers solutions we need at this juncture in our evolution. In this workshop, you will learn how to step up to the challenge of cocreating a new earth with the assistance of benign celestial beings and allied extraterrestrials—through practices of cosmic spirituality, special techniques of global energetic clearing, and public policies based on social sustainability.

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